Dear Parent/Carer,

In September, the HPV Vaccination will be offered to ALL Year 8 students (current year 7).  This offers protection against HPV infection to help reduce the risk of cancer.  If you wish for your child to have the vaccinations, consent forms are now being completed online by the NHS.  Please see the following letter from them for more information.  Please complete the form as soon as possible.  Thank You.


Dear Parent/Carer

HPV Vaccination

Your child is being offered the Human Papillomavirus vaccination in school. This offers protection against HPV infection to help reduce the risk of cancer. The vaccine is now offered to both boys and girls. It is a 2 dose vaccine, given in the autumn and summer term  of 2020/2021 (your child will be in Year 8)

For further information visit

How do I give my consent?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “for HPV vaccination click here”, its further down the page if you can’t see it.
  3. Enter the School Code 140867 and click “Find School”. Be extra careful to check that it is the correct school.
  4. Complete the form with your child’s information and parent/guardian contact information*.
  5. Click the green “Submit” button.
  6. If you do not have internet access or you are struggling to complete the form please call us on 03000 032554

*Once submitted, if you provide a valid email address, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. If you have provided a valid email address and you do not receive an email please contact us to ensure the form has been completed. We will also email you to let you know that your child has been vaccinated in school. If your child has specific medical requirements, one of our nurses may need to get in touch before we are due to visit the school. Routinely we share your child’s vaccination information with your registered GP surgery.

If for any reason your child is absent from school on a vaccination day don’t worry as we will return to school at a later date to complete the vaccinations (we may not inform you when this is going to be). This may mean that your child will receive their first dose in year 8 and the 2nd dose in year 9 as there has to be a minimum time period of 6 months in between the 2 doses.

If you have any questions regarding this or do not have internet access or difficulty completing the form please contact us on: 0300 003 2554

 Yours sincerely

Karen Guest-Humphries

Clinical Lead,
Childhood Immunisation Team
Durham, Darlington and Teesside