Dear Parent/Carer

I just want to say by saying thank you again for your ongoing support and patience. Staff are working hard to do all they can to support students and we are looking forward to welcoming many of our Year 12 students into college for the face to face sessions in the coming weeks.

I know that there has been lots of dialogue between staff and students, which has included audio lessons, phone calls, emailed feedback to name but a few ways in which learning has been developing and supported. However, we know that we still want to support students further as we prepare for the wider return to school in September. With that in mind, we want to have a ‘Consolidation and Gap Analysis Week’ commencing Monday 6th July. This will involve tasks online that students will complete. They will last between 30 – 45 minutes per subject.

We need your support with this so that the data and information we get is as useful as it can be, given the circumstances. With this in mind, the following points have been agreed when leaders have finalised the plans:

  • The online assessment will glean the students’ grasp of the work over the past 11 academic weeks.
  • Students will be given feedback online (and where appropriate a grade). This will include suggestions of areas of focus (knowledge gap analysis). Subject departments will provide some suggestions of areas to review over the summer. Where appropriate, a synopsis of salient points (knowledge organiser) will be given to students.
  • As this is done remotely, we need parents to help create a suitable environment where these tests are completed in a focused way and without external help / influence. If we feel students have shared / copied / submitted work that is not their own, then we will address this with you. This wouldn’t be helpful given that we intend on using the information gathered to help plan support from September.
  • These assignments are mandatory and, therefore, any student failing to complete them will be challenged. It is essential that students recognise the importance of this work in helping and supporting them to succeed now and in the coming year.
  • For some subjects (e.g. subjects who are currently completing Non-Examined Assessment units) a further assessment may not be appropriate at this time. Heads of Departments / subject teachers will share this information with students.
  • Please contact us if there are mitigating circumstances why your son / daughter is unable to do the assessments and / or at the allotted time.

If there is anything else linked to this process you want to discuss, please contact me or Mrs Chapman who will be happy to help. We are all eager to ensure that students finish the year with a clear idea of how they will move forward into the next academic year.

Take care,

C Hogarth – Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)

M Chapman – Assistant Headteacher (Data & Assessment)