On the 4th of July the Year 12 Biology students began their awaited 3-day field trip at the Teesmouth Field Centre. Throughout the 3 days we took part in numerous activities which allowed us to achieve new skills required for the course and gave us chance to explore our interests. But most importantly, we had an amazing time and a lot of laughs working in teams and getting to spend time in the sun, outdoors and exploring the area and the species populating it. Something we wouldn’t get the chance to see in the labs at college, so it was hugely enjoyed by all.

We spent time running transect lines through the sand dunes and investigating the different environmental conditions and species present. We dug pitfall traps to get an insight into the insect life surrounding the centre, we used new techniques to help estimate snail populations and also the population of lugworms by studying their casts.

Shouting results and instructions through the sand dunes, often without sight of our teammates, the trips and falls as we manoeuvred through the dunes, the hot sunny weather and the silly selfies taken on the teacher’s cameras. The ridiculous questions and statements from the students, the many dogs joining us in the dunes and occasionally finding themselves in quadrats, and finally our biology family picnic on the final day, all made our trip if not mildly more difficult, hugely more fun and memorable. The trip has not only developed our biology skills but also the friendships within our biology family.

Needless to say, they were busy days, with lots to fit in, but the trip was equally full of smiles, laughter and our own fun and games. Although the tan lines, or sunburn in some unlucky cases, will fade the memories and new lessons from the very knowledgeable staff at the centre, will last forever.

Biology field trip, you were amazing!!

Written for the website by Lucy Tindall, Year 12.

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