“Whatever your work is, put your heart into it.”

Dear Year 11,

This afternoon we should have been walking down to St Joseph’s Church to celebrate all that you are and all that you have become and achieved over your time here at English Martyrs, in your Mass. However, this is currently not possible, but we do hope we can get together and celebrate properly at some point in the future.

I know that some of you may be disappointed or frustrated, anxious and concerned, hopeful yet unsure about what is happening and what lies ahead of you. I would like to reassure you today, through the words of scripture and those of us who have journeyed with you thus far in your school life.

The reading from today’s Mass is from the letter of St Paul to the Colossians. Today is the Feast of St Joseph the Worker today and this passage couldn’t be more perfect for you at this time.

Over all these clothes, to keep them together and complete them, put on love. And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together as parts of one body. Always be thankful. Never say or do anything except in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Whatever your work is, put your heart into it as if it were for the Lord and not for men, knowing that the Lord will repay you by making you his heirs. It is Christ the Lord that you are serving.

The word of the Lord – Thanks be to God

After this reading, there would be the Responsorial Psalm. The response for today’s Psalm goes hand in hand with the reading we’ve just read. Give success to the work of our hands, O Lord.”

During this time which may be leaving you somewhat bewildered, know that there is a plan for your life, your results – whatever they may be, do not define who you are or the potential that you have. Let your light shine throughout the world bringing love to those you meet. Whatever you go on to pursue, may the Lord grant you success in everything you do.

Let us pray:

Lord, be our guide and our protector as we continue our journey in life.
Watch over us. Stay with us. Keep us safe in your love.
Lord, support us with your grace when we are tired, frustrated, anxious and concerned. Help us be patient in any challenges that come our way,
particularly the one we are now experiencing.
Keep us always mindful of your presence and love, and in the words of today’s psalm,
“Give success to the work of our hands, O Lord.”

English Martyrs – Pray for us

 Take care, stay in touch and hope to see you all soon! From Anne Marie

Comments from your Teachers, Tutors & Key Staff

Mr Hammond  
Year 11, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have been your Headteacher for the past five years. One of you is my family and the rest of you are like family to me. I love you all. 


Mr Hall

Year 11,

​I never envisaged saying goodbye to you so soon and I am deeply saddened that you have not had the celebration you all deserve. ​

​However, during these times of uncertainty, I take great pleasure in the memories we have created and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. ​

​I feel incredibly privileged to have supported you all through your journey at EMS and I am proud of the fantastic young adults you are today. I could not have asked ​for a better year group to start my Pastoral Career – you have matured into a year group that anyone would be proud to lead. Throughout our journey together, ​

I have learnt something from you all and you have helped me become a better person and Pastoral Manager. ​

​Although this may feel like the end, it is only the beginning. I wish you all every success in the future and hope you stay in contact. ​

​Remember, believe in yourself because I believe in you! ​

​Take care, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.​

​Mr Hall​


11JB1 – Mrs Hickey
Hi, I just wanted to say I hope you are all doing well and taking care. Although our time has been cut short and you didn’t have the chance to have a proper send off, hopefully, you will have many fond memories to look back on.

I can’t believe that five years have passed since you came through the doors of EMS, and it didn’t take long to find out what a fantastic group of young people you are. You have been a credit to St John Boste House and you should be proud of what you have achieved and know that all of the hard work and commitment you have put in has been worthwhile. The energy, enthusiasm and dedication you have shown to the school and house has been fantastic.

It has been wonderful to watch you as you have developed into a group of mature and talented young adults who are ready to set out on the next stage of your journey. Each one of you has bought something unique and special to your form and to the life of the school.

You have kept me entertained over the years and we have shared happy and sad times together, and these are the things that will stay with me long after you leave.

Hopefully, I might see some of you next year, but I would like to wish you all a bright and happy future and I hope you achieve everything you set out to do.

Mrs Hickey


11JB2 – Mrs Evans

Having not been a form tutor for a number of years, I was delighted to discover that I would be “eased” back into the role with older students, and that the form I would be gaining was a Y10 form.

I could not have asked for a nicer group of young people to be working with, and if someone had given me a book to hand pick a form class, every one of you would have been in that class.You have made my job over the past 2 years not only easy, but also an absolute joy.

Sometimes you had me worried, like when I wanted volunteers to read in Morning Prayers. Then on the morning everyone arrived early, wanting to take part. It was times like this that showed how much of a team we all were and nobody in 11JB2 would ever let the team down. These are values that I hope you take with you when you leave school – always be a team player.

You have all demonstrated excellent values, a strong sense of fair play and an understanding of right and wrong. For this reason, although I will miss you all greatly, I am not worried about your ability to succeed in the “big, wide world”. You have demonstrated, day in day out, the qualities needed for you to do so.

I wish you all health, happiness and success – you genuinely deserve it.

Some of you will stay with us for Sixth Form, others will feel ready to experience new adventures. Whichever path you may take in life, please remember your school years with fondness. Look back now and then at your yearbook and reflect upon the memories you made and the people you made them with.

Love and best wishes

Mrs Evans


11MC1 – Mr Landsbury

There have been laughter and tears along the way but this has all added to the fabric of life we are embroidering and what a picture it’s going to be.

I hope you remember EMS as a good place to be, where you were happy and among friends. I know I will always remember MC1 and it’s many wonderful characters.

I am confident that, supported by the values that you have lived and learned at EMS you will move on to take your place in the next phase of your journey with confidence, courage and success.

Best wishes for the future.

Mr Landsbury.


11MC2 – Mrs York

To Year 11

It has been a pleasure being your form tutor for the past 2 years and I very much enjoyed sharing the start of the day with you! Although I am sad that our departure was so sudden, I am looking forward to seeing you all again and being able to say goodbye properly. I am very proud of the sacrifices that you have all had to make during this difficult time – it won’t be forgotten! Think ahead to the opportunities and happy times that await and once this time comes, live life to the full!   I wish you all the best in whatever path you choose to take! 

Mrs York


Mrs Fox – 11JI1

To 11JI1

For four years I have been your tutor and I am very proud of each and every one of you. You’ve had your share of successes and disappointments, challenges and achievements and you’ve managed to get through (almost) to the end of your school life. I am certain that each of you will take away some precious memories of your time here at EMS whether they are of friendships, activities, performances, sporting events, lessons or even teachers.

It has been a pleasure 11JI1. I will always remember each and every one of you. You are starting an amazing journey now – it is a very exciting time. Keep safe, healthy and follow your heart.

Mrs Fox


Mrs Stirk – 11JI2

Hello everyone,

Well we didn’t expect to end our 5 years together quite like this. I am missing all of your lovely faces each morning and I think about you every day. I can still remember you all walking into my room (S2) on your first day in secondary school in September 2015. You were all so quiet (That changed quickly haha) and worried about starting a new big secondary school.

Over the past 5 years it has been such a pleasure to watch you all grow up into the amazing young people you are today. It has honestly been an honour to have had the chance to get to know each and everyone one of you. You will always be my first form group in my teaching career and I could not have wished for a better class. I hope during these extraordinary times you and your family are safe and well.  From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the success and happiness in your future endeavours that you each deserve. 

Missing you and hope we can catch up soon during better times.

Mrs C Stirk


11AL1 – Mr Draper

I was going to write this just like I would any end of Year 11 message I’ve written in the past; but this isn’t a normal Year 11 leaving message. It’s important that we remember what has happened in our past and not just dismiss it and try to return to ‘normal’. We need to learn from it and move forward. Hopefully, we’ve all learnt to be thankful for the everyday pleasures we take for granted in life and that some of the materialistic things we deem important, aren’t that important at all. You’ve experienced first hand that even things that are incredibly valuable and vital such as your education, aren’t actually the most important things in life and ultimately, it’s our health and happiness that we should appreciate the most and the family and friendships we hold dearest.

I’m incredibly proud to have been your form tutor for the last 5 years; believe it or not, you’re actually the first form group I’ve taken from starry-eyed Year 7’s to mature (but sometimes grumpy) adults. I can recall the first day I met you, full of enthusiasm but for some, maybe channelled in the wrong areas and I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to have my hands full here’. I hope you’ve all learnt something (maybe even from some of my ‘life lessons rants’ that I sometimes go on), grown as a person and built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. I know that school isn’t always easy, for lots of different reasons and some of you will have found it easier or harder than others. However, I’m proud of the maturity you’ve all shown (some of you might have got there later than others) but watching the growth and positive attitudes you’ve developed over the last two years has been brilliant to see and it will serve you well as you enter adulthood. 

I hope you will look back on your time at EMS and a member of 11AL1 fondly and have memories that will make you smile. I’ll remember our Christmas and summer end of year form ‘parties’ and dancing like a fool to Just Dance (until the girls decided they were too cool to partake in such nonsense) and the boys defending for their lives against me on FIFA. I’ll miss our chats on a morning and hopefully I’ll have a couple more Liverpool fans in my next form group so I don’t get as much stick. 

I wish you well in whatever it is you decide to pursue in the future and for some of you, if you show the same passion and dedication as you showed to not getting your planners signed, you’ll be grand. 

I’ll leave you with a quote from my all-time favourite movie (I’ve probably done this before, but it’s a GREAT quote):  

“The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

Go out and be the best that you can be. 

Mr Draper


11AL2 – Mr Spoors

Thanks to 11AL2 for three great years. From listening to the many complaints (sorry i couldn’t do anything about the distance to the form class) to giving me a more unique insight into life in Hartlepool, I have thoroughly enjoyed being your form tutor. Stay opinionated and strong willed but always try to have a positive outlook on life. Good luck for the future and I hope all of you achieve everything that you deserve.


11TM1 – Mrs Skinner Howe

11TM1 it has been a pleasure! It is hard to believe that five years together have passed already. You are an incredible bunch of dedicated and hardworking students and I will miss each and every one of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your Form tutor; you made each day start with laughter and joy so I thank you all for that. It has been fantastic watching you all grow into the fantastic young adults that you are and I have no doubt that you are all going to go on to do great things! Aim high!

Good luck to you all in whatever you do, you are going to make the future brighter! Always “let your light shine before people, that they may see your good works.” Matthew 5:15

Mrs Skinner-Howe x


11TM2 – Ms Bell & Mrs Long

11TM2 I would like to say it has been a pleasure to have you as my tutees for the last five years. It is great to see how much you have all grown in personality, maturity and overall the special young people you have all become I will miss you all and wish each and every one of you the best of luck for the future. 

Ms Bell 

Dear 11TM2

Although we haven’t had much time to get to know each other I just wanted to say that each one of you has made an impression on me. I’m thinking of all of you during these strange times and know you’ll come through it with bright futures in front of you. Take care and best of luck! Mrs Long

Mrs Long


11AS – Mrs Savage

11AS – A.K.A. the rainbow form – You have been a privilege to get to know during our two years together. Each and every day you have come in and put a smile on my face with your delightful, unique personalities, wit and kindness to each other. I will miss you all and look back fondly on our competitive blockbuster mornings (do not steal purple), diverse political viewpoints and artistic Pictionary prowess.  I am sorry our time together ended so abruptly and I look forward to seeing you again at prom and hopefully at Sixth Form. All the best for the future.



Mr Corcoran

Dear Y11.

Thank you

Thank you for being you. For your time as part of our St Thomas More House family. You have been wonderful and will continue to be whatever the future holds.

I am sorry that your year has ended in such a way and we haven’t had a chance to say goodbye properly and celebrate out time together. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to your next chapter.

Good luck. Stay happy. Stay safe.

Mr Corcoran


Mr Morrison

Blessed John Ingram – Class of 2020

For the last 5 years I have constantly reminded you of the journey of Blessed John Ingram. Our house prayer contains the line “our journey through life may not always be easy”. The recent events that forced you to leave in such a hasty fashion have not been easy, trust me I know as I left English Martyrs in the same way!

But through the times when we struggle to find our way, we learn about ourselves and the people around us. It is worth reminding you of another line of the house prayer “together we will choose the right path”.

I wish you all the very best for the future and I thank each and everyone of you for creating fantastic memories of our time at English Martyrs. Always look out for each other, stay safe and be the change you want to see in the world.

Take Care – Mr Morrison


Mr McLintock

St. John Boste House,

I just want to start by saying a huge thank you – thank you for welcoming me into the House with open arms and making me feel so welcome as your new House Leader and thank you for being a fantastic bunch of students. At this time, your future may seem uncertain, but I want you to always try your best in everything you do and be proud of who you are. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you all as your House Leader – even if it was only for a short time. Good luck in everything you do. You will always have my best wishes.

Take care,

Mr McLintock


Mrs Spears

Brilliant year 11’s. I was almost with you for the entire 5 years of your journey. Handing over to Mr McLintock made it easier for me to have made the move into a new role within school. Each and every one of you has grown stronger and stronger every year. You have all developed  new talents, skills, confidence and have all worked so hard to get where you are now. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and being part of St John Boste. Thank you. 

I just want to say. Never give up, follow your dreams and overall, continue to work hard. You will fulfil your dreams. Good luck in everything that you do. Take care. 

Mrs Spears X 


Mrs Corcoran

St Anne Line class of 2020,

You have all been individual characters in your 5 years at EMS, growing into who you want to be.

You all left the building with such unknown ahead of you, but you will always be part of the St Anne Line family. I know you won’t have the normal end to school like others, but that makes you even more special. I hope one day you look back on your life at school and cherish the precious memories.

Stay in touch, I am proud of you and make sure you do things to make yourself proud.

St Anne Line – Pray for Us

Mrs Corcoran


Mr Nicholson

Class of St Margaret Clitherow 2020

You have had the most difficult end to a school year that we have seen in our lifetimes. You have come so far since your first day in year 7. All that you have learned on the way will stand you in great stead for the rest of your lives. Make sure that you do something amazing with this time you have been given such as learning a new skill and spending time with loved ones. In 50 years, you’ll be telling your grandchildren about this period of your life; don’t let it pass you by. I will see many of you again soon, but if I don’t then I would like to wish you all the best for the future. Be proud of yourself in all that you do and remember you will always be part of St Margaret Clitherow.

Stay safe and good luck for the future.

Mr Nicholson


Mr Fender: Can I wish all those in 11U3 maths a great future.  It is a shame we cannot finish what we started.


Mrs Toth: Wishing all the year 11’s the strength to get through this challenging time and knowing it will benefit them in their futures, to understand what is important in life. Good luck with getting the results you have all worked so hard for and always remember your efforts will pay dividends in the long run. Much love,

Mary Toth


Mrs McDonagh – Separate Chemistry

You have been a lovely class to teach and I regularly looked forward to your lessons over the last two years.  You were an eclectic mix of quiet, studious, loud, ditzy, inquisitive, jokey, chatty, talented, conscientious and hard working.  As I write this, I’m picturing you in one of the new labs, not old Lab 9, and I’ll let you decide who I am describing!  For some of you, you will never need to go back and relearn moles, Le Chatelier’s Principle, fractional distillation, making salts, how to spell my name etc. and I can imagine your relief.  However, there was a great deal of talent in your class and many of you should continue studying science. 

What I hope and prayer for you: to have enjoyed chemistry and to consider it for A-Level, to survive the current situation intact and to be successful and happy in the future.

You will always be a very memorable and special GCSE group for me because of the unbelievable and momentous events of the last few weeks but you are also potentially the last Y11 class I will teach after 21 years at EMS.  You were great and I thank you! 

Mrs McDonagh


Ms Lee-Bugby – To Year 11, particularly my English groups and students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching over the last 5 years.

Firstly, THANK YOU, I have thoroughly enjoyed our English lessons, yes it’s true, even on my more naggy of days. You have all been full of questions, and interest and you’ve shown super intelligence when analysing texts.

I’m very proud of the progress you have all made and whilst your starting points were all different you can all be pleased with what you’ve learned. I’m so sad that you didn’t get that final moment to show off everything that you can do. Rest assured I have great faith in your ability.

I wish you happiness and joy in your futures. Whatever you choose to do, my hope for you is that it brings you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. I’m privileged to have been your teacher.

With every good wish

Ms. Lee-Bugby