Last week, we took a small group of Year 10 students on a two-day visit to Oxford University for a taster day.

On day one the students travelled down to Oxford via the National Space Centre in Leicester. There they learned all about space exploration, the space race, and the universe. They were able to visit the rocket tower and the planetarium to learn about the night sky.

In the evening the students were accompanied by Bill Spectre for a ghostly and grisly walking tour of Oxford. Bill explained some of the more mysterious events in Oxford’s long history, as well as entertaining with myriad props and gadgets.

After a good night’s rest and breakfast students travelled to Oxford University. First, they visited Mansfield College and learned a bit about the application process and the way learning at Oxford University works. A walking tour followed and the students visited Hertford College, where they learned all about student life and had the chance to dine with undergraduates in the college refectory. Returning to Mansfield College everyone was treated to a series of taster lectures on Mathematics, machine learning, and microbiology.

The students all enjoyed themselves and were great representatives. Hopefully, this event will be one to continue in years to come.

Thank you to Mr. Barnes who organised the trip.  A fabulous opportunity for our students.

There are a few more pictures of the trip in the Gallery.