The EMS Library is the Hub of the school; it is a place where students can be sure of a warm welcome. It is a place to study, to read at break time, and to read before and after school in a safe and inclusive environment.

Opening Times:
Monday – 8am – 4pm
Tuesday – 8am – 40pm
Wednesday 12pm – 4pm
Thursday 8am – 4pm
Friday 8am – 4pm


We have a stock of 8989 resources encompassing all subjects, and a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We update our stock on a regular basis, but welcome suggested titles from students.

Sixth form students can enjoy a dedicated fiction and non-fiction section solely for their use.


We are pleased to announce the new library system Eclipse.Net which will give all students access to the full catalogue 365 days a year. This enables students to browse for books, reserve titles and write reviews.

IT and Printing Facilities

The Library has over 75 computers. Each computer is linked to a printer/photocopier which students can access using their individual usernames and passwords. To print, each student is given their own printing pin number. There is also an interactive whiteboard to use for presentations/DVDs.

The Careers Library and Resources

We have a designated area for our careers resources and a qualified careers advisor, Mrs Liddell-Fisher, who is on hand at all times to support all of our students’ careers needs. All university prospectuses, local college prospectuses, and application forms are available within the career library. We also have dedicated careers on-line software which is available to students to explore their career options and plan for their future.

Code of Conduct

The Library is a very popular area and as such students are expected to respect the needs of fellow students by following our code of conduct:

  • Computers are assigned to students in order of priority: students wishing to complete class work, homework and research are given first priority.
  • All users are responsible for materials borrowed in their name; all books to be returned within the 2 week borrowing period.
  • Printing is available to all students; however, it must only be used for educational purposes.
  • Sound on computers must not be heard by others.
  • Students are expected to show a mutual respect towards one another.
  • A £5 fine for lost/damaged books will be issued.


Our Librarian is Mrs. Healy