All students and staff are attached to a house in school. This creates a healthy competition and pushes students to succeed. Points are awarded for various events throughout the year, however, the main core of the points come from:

  • Attendance per half term from the house as a whole
  • Students who achieve 100% Attendance per half term
  • Reward points which students are awarded for exceptional work or attitude shown around school

Each house has a House Leader and the five house leaders create the House Team. They organise the events and are another level of support for our students. Keep checking back as the house points update after every event.

As well as smaller trophies for events, there are three House Trophies up for grabs each year.

  • The House Point Shield awarded to the house with the most collective points across the whole year.
  • The Sports Cup awarded to the house who has the most points across all sporting events throughout the year.
  • The Sports Day Shield awarded to the house who collects the most points on Sports Day.

The Race for the House Point Shield

BI John Ingram 66 points
St Thomas More 62 points
St John Boste 55 points
St Margaret Clitherow 45 points
St Anne Line 38 points

The Race for the Sports Cup

BI John Ingram 37 points
St Thomas More 21 points
St John Boste 15 points
St Anne Line 15 points
St Margaret Clitherow 7 points

The Race for the Attendance Cup

St John Boste 16 points
St Thomas More 10 points
BI John Ingram 5 points
St Margaret Clitherow 5 points
St Anne Line 2 points

The Race for the Achievement Point Cup

St Thomas More 8 points
St John Boste 5 points
BI John Ingram 3 points
St Margaret Clitherow 2 points
St Anne Line 1 points



Blessed John Ingram remain top and can’t shake off TM who are still hot on their heels. A win for the staff in four letters tops up the points after lower ranked finishes in the student competition and Advent wreath making competition.

• Thomas More remain four points behind JI. Max Denning’s super high score of 183 in the four letters competition topping their points up and keeping them in the race.

• John Boste stay third and slip one point further behind. Second place finishes in wreath making and the staff four letters competition not enough to cover the fifth place finish in the student competition.

• Margaret Clitherow gain points on the leaders after picking up a win with their superb Advent wreath win and solid finishes in the four letters competitions.

• Anne Line fall further behind. Long way to go and lots of competitions to come. There is time for last years champions to stage a comeback!

St Margaret Clitherow

St Thomas More

St Anne Line

St John Boste

BI John Ingram

House Events for 2020-21

Due to the bubbles in school, House Activities will be extremely difficult, however, we are not giving up! We’ll be back with more exciting remote activities in September and we’ll list them below when they are organised.

Year 7-9 House Quiz9th September
Year 8 Cross Country21st September
Year 7 Cross Country23rd September
Year 9 Table Tennis TournamentTBC
Year 10 Pumpkin CarvingTBC
Year 8 Gaming (Mario Kart)TBC
Year 11 Gaming (Fifa)TBC
Year 7 Spelling BeeTBC
Year 10 Advent Wreath MakingTBC