All students and staff are attached to a house in school. This creates a healthy competition and pushes students to succeed. Points are awarded for various events throughout the year, however, the main core of the points come from:

  • Attendance per half term from the house as a whole
  • Students who achieve 100% Attendance per half term
  • Reward points which students are awarded for exceptional work or attitude shown around school

Each house has a House Leader and the five house leaders create the House Team. They organise the events and are another level of support for our students. Keep checking back as the house points update after every event.

Current House Points

St Anne Line 154 points
St Margaret Clitherow 149 points
St John Boste 128 points
BI John Ingram 110 points
St Thomas More 89 points



• Anne Line retake the top spot after picking up 22 points from the combined results of the last two competitions and give themselves a 5 point cushion going into sports week. Can they win the house competition for the first time?

• Margaret Clitherow will be trying to make up the gap as they slip back into second. A strong Sports Week required to catch Anne Line!

• Third place is reclaimed by John Boste after performing the best of any house in the last two competitions picking up 24 points. A big gap to the top spot but with 5 rounds of sport to come it is achievable.

• Ingram drop back to fourth and seem to have thrown the towel in. The Sports Day Shield is up for grabs this week – get involved and win some silverware!

• Again, Thomas More’s best chance of a trophy is Sports Week – get involved TM and you could bag a trophy in the last week. Never give up!

St Margaret Clitherow

St Thomas More

St Anne Line

St John Boste

BI John Ingram

House Events for 2019-20

Charity Coffee MorningThursday 3rd October
Advent Wreath MakingThursday 28th November
House Rewards - Year 11Monday 6th December
Year 7 & 8 Charity Christmas DiscoTuesday 10th December
House Rewards Trip - Year 7Thursday 12th December
Year 7-9 QuizTuesday 13th February
House GamingTuesday 17th March
House Rewards - Year 9Thursday 2nd April
House Rewards - Year 8Wednesday 8th April
MasterchefWednesday 17th June
Public SpeakingWednesday 24th June
House Rewards - Year 10Monday 13th July
Summer FeteFriday 10th July
Sports Dayw/c 13th July