Welcome to Stranded Island Songs. Based on the popular Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs, every fortnight Mr Morrison asks his fellow colleagues to take on the difficult task of picking eight songs, a book and a luxury item to take with them when they are stranded on an island.

Mr Morrison’s castaway for episode six, and the season one finalé, is Headteacher, Mr Hammond.

Mr. Hammond joined us at EMS in 2015 following a five year stint as Headteacher of St Aidan’s Catholic Academy, in Sunderland.

Originally from Liverpool, the blue side before you ask, he moved to Hartlepool in 1990.  He would describe himself, first and foremost, as an RE teacher. This is his passion and still teaches alongside his main role as leader of our school to this day.

He’s a huge fan of music and has a pretty extensive and eclectic knowledge of the subject, however, nothing can top his passion for his beloved Everton Football Club.

When you have a role with many worries and little time, whittling 4500 songs down to 8 isn’t a priority and we are overjoyed he could find the time to chat to us and close Season One of Stranded Island Songs.

Mr Hammond’s Track list: Click to listen to each song in full on Youtube.

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