Our annual sports day took place on Tuesday 17th July with competitors from all five houses taking part in a variety of track and field events. St John Boste were able to claim overall victory with a strong team performance. The standings are as follows:

  1. St John Boste
  2. St Anne Line
  3. St Margaret Clitherow
  4. Blessed John Ingram
  5. St Thomas More

Following the conclusion of sports day we are proud to announce the final standings for the 2017/2018 House Sports competition with Blessed John Ingram retaining the trophy for the second year running:

  1. Blessed John Ingram
  2. St Thomas More
  3. St Margaret Clitherow
  4. St Anne Line
  5. St John Boste

The individual sports day results for each year group were as follows:

Year 7: 1 More, 2 Boste, 3 Clitherow, 4 Line, 5 Ingram
Year 8: 1 Ingram, 2 Line, 3 Clitherow, 4 More, 5, Boste
Year 9: 1 Clitherow and Boste, 3 Line, 4 Ingram, 5 More
Year 10: 1 Boste, 2 Ingram, 3 Line, 4 More, 5 Clitherow

Visit our website later this week for a gallery of images taken throughout the day.