Course Overview

The IT course has been designed to provide students with a relevant, flexible and up to date qualification.

Students will experience a wide range of computer-based skills related to many IT based job and further education opportunities by exploring a vast range of topics within the information and communication technology sector.

There are two externally examined units when following the application developer route:

  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Global Information

These units will give you a good understanding of how the digital media industry operates and you will learn how to utilise some standard industry practices in your work. You will also complete three coursework units from the following list:

  • Application Design (mandatory)
  • Social Media Products
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Technology

The course is taught through a mixture of theory and practical lessons. Theory lessons will help you establish a deep knowledge of the subject and relevant industry production techniques. Practical sessions will be focused around independent project work using industry standard software.

The IT skills developed throughout this course will equip you well for the future whether you go into a computer based industry or higher education. The subject will open up many career opportunities including those in digital media, information technology, communication skills and graphic design.

Entry Requirements

It is not necessary to have an ICT qualification to take up this course however, good organisation skills and the ability to work towards strict deadlines are necessary.
It is expected that students wishing to study ICT will have a grade 4 in English Language GCSE to allow them to complete the relevant documentation for each product.