Course Overview

As a subject linking the arts and the sciences, Geography is highly flexible in terms of what you can combine it with at A Level.

This qualification looks at both physical and human geogaphy.

You will study a range of physical geography topics including water and the carbon cycle as well as coastal environments and global hazards.

You will also study human geography including the study of how places have changed over time as well as investigating places in context; the regional, national, international and global relationships which impact on the areas selected for study.

There is a residential field study visit to North Yorkshire. This experience will be used to help inspire your chosen area for you individual project. Fieldwork is a useful way of developing your practical skills and gaining hands-on experience, which is highly valued by employers.

Throughout the course, there are opportunities to visit places in the regional area as well as Iceland and Sorrento.

There are two examination papers (80%) and an individual project (20%) at A Level.

Entry Requirements

A grade 5 in GCSE Geography is desirable, however, students who achieve a grade 4 will be considered.
Although a qualification in Geography at GCSE is desirable it is not essential and in this case a student should would need a grade 5 in English and Maths.