Course Overview

The course is aimed at students with an interest in creative computer design and it allows students to develop skills relevant to this progressive and forward thinking sector.

Digital Media is a course that has been designed to provide students with a technical level qualification, giving opportunities to develop a wide range of skills within the dynamic interactive media industry.

There are two externally examined units in the Digital Media Course:

  • Pre-Production and Planning
  • Analysing Media Products

These units will give you a good understanding of how the digital media industry operates and you will learn how to utilise some standard industry practices in your work.

You will also complete three coursework units from the following list:

  • Create a Media Product (mandatory)
  • Sound Production
  • Advertising Media
  • Journalism and the News
  • Personal Media Profiles
  • Social Media

This course has proven to be very popular in recent years due to the continued growth in the digital media industry with 72% of students achieving a Distinction* or Distinction grade. This includes 86% of students who achieved a Distinction grade in all three coursework units. You will develop a range of analytical skills and gain a strong overview of the digital media industry and the products within.

Good computer skills will have a positive impact across all subjects and this course will also allow you the opportunity to gain an up-to-date knowledge on the latest industry developments. Studying a Digital Media subject will open up many career and further education opportunities including those in graphic design, social media, web authoring, storyboarding, game design and illustration.

Entry Requirements

It is not necessary to have a media based qualification to take up this course; however a good imagination and a creative mind are absolutely necessary.
It is expected that students wishing to study Digital Media will have a grade 4 in English Language GCSE to allow them to complete the relevant research and planning documentation that will go alongside each product.