Dear Parents/Carers of Year 6 Students,

We’ve created this page on the website which will now become our central news bulletin for anything Transition.  Check back from time to time and we will keep updating.

Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, where we share the latest updates too.

In the near future, we are hoping to have more department quizzes, a tour of the school and much more. It won’t have the same exciting buzz of Transition Week, but we’ll do our best to make sure you and your children have all the information you need to hit the ground running when we can eventually welcome you to school.

Latest Update

Thursday 23rd July

We’re sure you all have lots of questions about September like Where do I get dropped off? What Uniform do I wear? Can I bring my bike? What equipment? etc. Well, we have built a large list of FAQs that will hopefully help and we’ll keep adding to it over the summer. View now on the website

Following the Local Authority removing the option of concessionary travel for students in September we have been in touch with local firms and are trying to create an alternative solution. If your child would need Transport in September then please read and complete the information on this link.


Thursday 16th July

Mr Hammond has sent a letter to all parents about arrangements for re-opening in September 2020.  You can read a copy of his letter here. 


Wednesday 15th July

As of September 2020, our school will be fully cashless.  We use an online system to pay for school meals, trips, purchases called Parent Pay.

In the coming days, you will receive a letter with your details so you can set yourself up ready for September.


Monday 13th July

Year 6, here’s a quick snapshot tour of the school. We haven’t taken you around every corridor as they all look the same but here’s a quick look around with Mr Hope.


Friday 10th July

Exciting news !!

Y6 students may arrange a short face to face virtual meeting with their new form tutor via “Microsoft Teams”  to say hello and introduce themselves.

The email addresses for staff are as follows;

7JB1 – Mrs Hickey –
7JB2 – Mrs Evans –

7MC1 – Mr Landsbury –
7MC2 – Mrs York –

7JI1 – Mrs Fox –
7JI2 – Mrs Stirk –

7AL1 – Mr Draper –
7AL2 – Mr Spoors –

7TM1 – Mrs Skinner-Howe –
7TM2 – Mrs Bell –

There is no obligation to do this,  but please feel free to say “hello”

Please contact your child’s form teacher via email in advance  to arrange a meeting

For safeguarding reasons  this must be arranged by a parent or guardian, who must be present when the meeting takes place.

Any requests for Teams meetings must be made in advance and should be arranged between Monday 13th and Friday 17th July.

We look forward to meeting all new year seven students on  Thursday 3rd September at 8.45am


Thursday 9th July

You should have now received your transition packs in the post. Your thoughts in the next couple of weeks will be turning towards Uniform.  Our supplier, Trutex, have given us a date of Monday 3rd August to guarantee delivery by for September.

You can find all the information on the uniform here.


Wednesday 8th July

Meet Your Tutors!! Year 6, here is a little welcome video from each of your tutors who will be looking after you for five years at EMS.

Also…We’ve closed our English Quiz – Well done to all of you who took part.  We’ve kept your names safe and we’ll give you a little prize in September.

The answers:

Ms Lee-Bugby’s Poems: 1. Nonsense Poem. 2. Limerick. 3. Haiku

Mrs East’s Answer: Metaphor

Mrs Cordon’s Answer: Charles Dickens

Mrs Bells Answer: Transylvania

Mrs Fox’s Answer: 👏🏼👏🏼 Iambic pentameter is used in poetry. It’s a line of verse that has a strict rhythm: it sounds like a heartbeat. Their rhythm has one stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable: ‘come live with me and be my love’

Mrs Asenio’s Answer: Alice fell down a hole while following the White Rabbit.


Friday 3rd July

Year 6 packs are nearly done and will be on their way to you very soon – while you are waiting we have another couple of videos to share with you.  First up – here’s a welcome video from the Year 7 Pastoral Manager – Mrs Johnson.

And, to keep you busy, meet our wonderful English Department who have a quiz!  Watch the video and answer the questions underneath.  We’ll close the answer form on Tuesday and give you the results so get your answers in quick! Good luck Y6!

The Quiz is now Closed.


Wednesday 1st July

Did you take part in our quiz? Enjoy it? Well done to you all for taking part – we’ve kept all the names on file who took part and when you get up to EMS in September, Mr Murray will be rewarding you ALL with a Maths Set as a prize!  Something to look forward too!  Here’s the team with the all-important answers!


Monday 22nd June

Meet our Maths Department and take part in their little quiz. Watch the following video, work out your answers and then submit them on the form below. We are going to give you all week to work this out and get your answers in! Good luck and have fun!

The quiz is now closed.


Thursday 18th June

To launch our new page here is a welcome video from Headteacher, Mr Hammond & Deputy Headteacher, Mr McMahon.


Monday 27th April

We kicked off our transition with a big quiz which lasted a couple of weeks by the time we had marked them and given out answers and results.  You can see the story of the quiz week here.