Welcome to the first of our special Transition Weeks for all of you Year 6 students that are excited to be joining us at EMS in September.

Now we know you will be working hard on your schoolwork, but as a bit of fun, we thought we would make you a little quiz and welcome you to EMS early.  We will add a new little video each day this week.

All the instructions for the quiz are in the video – watch it and then ask your parents/carers to submit your answers by email to pdickson@ems.hartlepool.sch.uk on Friday once you have seen all five videos.  All the entries will be put in a hat to win £20 AND – if we get 100 entries, Mr Hammond will shave his hair off!

Here are today’s questions!



Here’s Mr Dickson with another quirky video to introduce Tuesday’s quiz.

The picture quiz that Mr Dickson is talking about can be viewed here. Good luck!


Today our theme is for you to think about your mental health in these testing times. It is not easy changing routine and not knowing when we will go back to how we were. If you haven’t done as much school work as you would have liked don’t worry – lots of young people are yet to get that balance of a new routine.

Today, perhaps create a simple spreadsheet on excel (or on paper!)  with some times and slots where you aim to sit and do some work. We would like you to look at the following two areas (we will cut the quiz questions to 5 today to give you the time!)

  1. Go to BBC Bitesize and check the resources out that you can see and make a plan to come back and look at them again in the coming weeks – perhaps look at some today! https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zj2grj6
  2. To help you stay positive and in a good frame of mind there are some brilliant FREE resources that you can use and pick out which ones may be helpful to you. You may not need them! https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/downloads
  3. Finally today for Wellness Wednesday – meet 5  more members of the EMS staff with their quiz questions – make a note of the answers and send them all to us Friday and you may win a £20 voucher of your choice and Mr Hammond will shave his hair off!



Here are ten more of our staff with questions for this weeks quiz.  Remember – submit all answers together on Friday – another video will be added tomorrow morning.  Good luck!



Wow, that’s a full week! That went pretty quick! Here some more of our staff with questions for this weeks quiz.


As we said earlier, get all your answers together for the full five days and if a Parent/Carer could email them to Mr Dickson today. His email address is pdickson@ems.hartlepool.sch.uk

This is just a bit of fun, it doesn’t matter if you get them all right or all wrong. Take part, have fun and all the entries will be put in a hat to win £20 AND – if we get 100 entries, Mr Hammond will shave his hair off!!

We’ll let you know the results and answers next week!

We’ve hope you have enjoyed the first week – we will be adding more in the coming weeks so you can meet more staff and start making you feel part of the EMS community.

Keep Connected

Parents/Carers – we have a little task for you too!  Here’s a graphic with all of our social media channels. If you use any of the platforms, please Like/Follow/Subscribe us on them and you will be sure to find out about everything we have going on at EMS. 

Have a lovely weekend Year 6! – Answers next week!



Well done to all the Year 6’s who entered the quiz last week. As promised, Mr Dickson has some prizes so here he is with the draws. 


We’ve finished marking all of the quiz entries and we have a tie break between:

  • Joel W – St John Vianney’s
  • Tilly D – Sacred Heart
  • Charlotte – Sacred Heart
  • Jo S  – Sacred Heart
  • Finlay E from St Teresa’s

We are going to make a little tie-break so we’ll be back in touch soon!

If you want to look at all the answers, they can be found here: Year 6 Transition Quiz Answers


Tie Break 1

Mr Dickson set the tie break question as How big is a standard classroom at EMS?

Tilly & Finlay both guessed correctly – 55sqm – meaning we needed another question.

Tie Break 2

How many classrooms do we have in the new school?

Tilly answered 64 and Finlay answered 62.  The correct answer is 65 meaning our Transition Quiz Champion is Tilly from Sacred Heart.

Mr Dickson has dropped off cards and presents to the winners.  Well done to you all and thank you all for taking part.

The next exciting activity is just around the corner!