Year 11 Revision Timetable

The revision timetable to run alongside lessons during the GCSE Exam period will be available here later in the year.

Revision / Catch Up Sessions

Our dedicated staff usually put on extra revision sessions on weekends and in February, Easter and May half term breaks.  As we get to this point, we’ll add them here for you.

Planning your revision sessions and breaks is extremely effective.  We’ve made you a customisable timetable in Microsoft Word for the half term break so you can plan your days. Not got word?  You get that free as a student at EMS…Check the guide out of how to get it here.

Revision Tips

As well as the above, click here for a another set of posters with lots of revision tips.

Quizzing Yourself

This is one of the most effective forms of revision. Here’s a word template you can download and amend to create Revision Cards for you.  Create for testing yourself, or even better, get someone else to test you!

Planning Revision

Planning your time and when you are going to fit in those revision sessions is crucial in success.  We’ve created you a weekly customisable timetable to plan your evenings and weekends to get the most out of your time.  Not got Word?  Get it for free here

Have a watch of the little clip below – it’s light hearted and quirky but the message is true.

Exam Boards / Revision Guides / Websites and Apps recommended by our Departments.

We have created a document which contains everything you need to know about the exams your children will be sitting in the summer.  The document also contains a vast array of websites, apps and books that you can use to aid your revision.

You can download the document here