Dear Students,

We know many of you are at different stages of your remote learning and after speaking to many of you by telephone and via emails over the last  6 weeks we are impressed with how you have handled this situation.

Some students were slow to get started with work for lots of reasons and all of us have had up & down days. The website has a lot of work to cover so we feel that we wanted to give you a week to reflect / review and catch-up where needs be so we have not given you extra work for week 7.  Instead, Week 7 is a PitStop week.

Over the course of this week, we want you to look over all the work you have done, see what you still need to do and get caught up as much as you possibly can.  We will be sending some surveys out later in the week for each student to fill in. But this week is your opportunity to get yourself organised and re-fuel ready to hit the ground running when the last half term begins.

There will be some students who have already completed all of the work for Weeks 1-6 and that is fantastic. For you, check over your work and make sure it is all done to the best of your ability. After that, there is a list of emails of all of the Head of Departments below, please email them for more tasks, if you want to keep going we will help in every way we can. Couple this with lots of reading & exercise.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Well done everyone and keep up the hard work

Mr Dickson


Head of Department Email Lists

Mr McAllister – Head of Music & Performing Arts –
Mrs Martindale – Head of Geography –
Mrs Rackstraw – Head of Psychology –
Miss Malcolmson  – Head of Computing and ICT –
Mrs Morton Head of Law –
Mrs Chapman Head of PE –
Mr Duffy – Head of Hard Technology –
Mrs Barnes – Head of English –
Mrs Hughes  – Head of Business Studies / Economics –
Mrs Evans – Head of French –
Mrs Henderson – Head of German –
Mr Meynell – Head of Art –
Mr Murray – Head of Maths –
Mrs Rich – Head of History –
Mrs Walsh – Head of Health & Social Care / Child Development –
Mr Dunn – Head of RE –
Mrs Hutchinson – Head of Soft Technology –
Sarah York – Head of Spanish –
Ted Baker – Head of Science –