We are always working hard streamlining and improving communication.  We have introduced a new school website, are extremely active on social media channels, and now we are excited to introduce our Parent App.

Available for all smart phones and tablets, the App allows us to send information directly to you when required without the use of ‘snail mail’ or giving the information to students to bring home.  These methods are extremely costly or ineffective.

Anyone can download the app and register, however, if you are a parent we have been working on integrating it with our school systems so you can get information on Attendance, Reports and Behaviour/Achievement straight to your phone and with push notifications, you will never miss an update again.

Missing letters, forms and other communications will hopefully be a thing of the past as we move forward with this central digital two-way communication tool. The app is here.  Follow the steps below to download today.

If you are viewing this on your phone/tablet – click here to download on Android (anything other than iPhone/iPad) or click here for Apple Devices.

Step 1

Download the App

Visit either the App Store or Google Play to download our App.  It is called ‘Smart School Parent App’

Step 2

Allow Notifications

The first time the App opens, you will be asked to accept notifications – please ensure you select “Allow”.

Step 3


Press Register with Email.  Select EMS from the drop down at the top then fill in your details to register for the app.  Press Register when done.

Step 4


You can now Login to the app.  Select EMS from the drop down at the top and enter your details you just registered with and press Login.

Step 5

Choose Your Settings

After a short tour, your will get an option to Set Categories. Press that and make sure you select the Parent Year Group(s) your children are in.  These will be vital for communication.  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you to change the year groups each September.

Step 6

Choose Other Categories

While you are there, select any other categories that are relevant to you and your children.  We recommend News & House Teams.  To keep up with everything, select them all.  We don’t mind!  When you are happy, scroll to the bottom and Save Categories. Press Done and then press I’m Finished. For information on categories – click here

Step 7

Link Your Children

We can now link you to your children. Press Settings (the little Cog) and Authorise Children. You will need your Parent ID and Pin which will be provided to you by us in a letter.  When you have entered the information, press Authorise. Every parent has their own unique ID & Pin and one code will link all your children. Linking your children allows us to send you direct messages and allows you into the student stats section.  More information on that further down the page.

Step 8

Head to the Main Dashboard

Once you have authorised your children you are all setup.  Press the Home button in the bottom right corner to head to the main dashboard.  Have a good look around, be nosey – it’s great fun! There’s loads of useful information in there.  If you would like a quick tour – watch that below.

Help & Support

If you need your codes, the app doesn’t show all or any of your children or any other issues with setting up and registering for the app please drop Mr Hope an email shope@ems.bhcet.org.uk and he will get you up and running in no time.

Quick Demo

The App is very easy to use and we’re sure you will be up and running straight away, however, we’ve created a little demo video to show some of the features currently usable within it.



Audio track on the above video is a royalty-free track from www.bensound.com

Website and App have been made working with Smart School Websites.  For more information about them, please see their website here.

Useful Tips