A big thank-you for all of your support in trying to get to the end of the school year/lockdown as best we can and to help us look towards September with a renewed vigour, hope and optimism.

Following on from Key Assessments, we have asked subject areas (where appropriate) to create an overview of subject content for students so if you and they have an opportunity (and you feel appropriate as parents) to look at in the coming weeks. This bridging ‘knowledge organiser’ will help many students reflect consolidate and deepen their understanding of key areas on the back of the academic hiatus of the past 14 school weeks.

The Key Organisers for Year 9 are below.

English Department

KO English Y9 Gothic


Geography Department

KO Geography Y9


History Department

KO History Y9


ICT Department



Maths Department

KO Maths Y9 Foundation
KO Maths Y9 Higher


Modern Foreign Languages

KO French Y9
KO German Y9
KO Spanish Y9


Music Department

KO Music Y9