Year 11 & Year 13,

As you will know the Prime Minister announced that schools needed to try and stay open for the children of Key Workers so we can halt the spread of the virus and save lives. As schools were struggling to stay open due to staffing, we had to turn to our senior students for help and ask them to ‘step-up’. Asking our senior students to stay home where possible allowed us to care for the younger students more effectively. We hope you can see the reasons for that and we want you to know that as a School we felt we could rely on you. We know how amazing you have been over the past week or so and what a tremendous role model you have been for the younger members of our community.

We are all devastated that all of our plans for special events such as Leavers’ Masses, Assemblies and Celebrations have been put on hold. Once we find out more information and when schools and society return back to normal, Years 11& 13 will be one of our top priorities to get together to rightly mark and celebrate the wonderful people you have turned into.

Sadly, with the ban on mass gatherings, we couldn’t do it properly anyway, even if we tried to stay open for a reduced number of Years 11 &13. That in itself would not have been the way we wanted to mark the occasion.

We will be in touch as soon as we can.

In the mean-time stay in touch and stay safe.