We love to award our students at EMS and operate an Achievement System in school to formally acknowledge the effort and achievement of all students.

All of our staff can award Achievement Points and they can be awarded for a variety of categories such as:

  • consistently good work in class
  • a single exceptional piece of work
  • consistently good homework
  • consistently good test results
  • achieving a target
  • acquiring a skill
  • contribution to a lesson
  • positive attitude
  • positive contribution to the Tutor Group, e.g. in morning prayers or assembly
  • helpfulness


These points are collated and every term we celebrate the success of students in each year group who were awarded the highest number of Achievement Points . The highest achievers in each term receive a Gold Award certificate. If a student has been a high achiever in two terms they are awarded a Platinum Certificate in recognition of their work.

Students who are top achievers in their year group for all three terms in an academic year are awarded The Masters Certificate to acknowledge their excellence.

Last year we awarded ten Masters Certificates to our highest achieving students during 2017-18.

We congratulate them all for their efforts and hope it continues going into the new school term.  Well done everyone!