Dear Parent/Carer

We wanted to contact you again to say “thank-you” for all of your support since the lockdown. There are things which as a school we feel have worked well and things that with hindsight we would have done differently.

We have been able to respond to parental enquiries via telephone and email. Parents have received regular updates via the parent app and on the coronavirus tab of our website (  The website also provides email addresses of key staff, giving clear instructions on how to get in touch. The very nature of this unprecedented situation does mean that the situation / challenges in each household varies enormously, which means we have to respond according to individual need – that is an ongoing and ever-shifting challenge, which we are determined to do our best to rise to.

I do hope by now that all families are checking the website on a regular basis as this has a wealth of information on it.  We are also available to ring you as well. We have and will continue to call home via our pastoral teams and our academic support team.

Once the Year 10 meetings are complete we would like to invite small groups (6 at a time) of students into school for academic mentoring sessions. This will be a further opportunity to assess their engagement with work and help steer them further in the right direction. The school will allocate the slots and the students within each group / bubble. As I am sure you will appreciate, we do not have the capacity for this to be arranged around friendship groups – that just won’t be feasible. It is a chance for work-focussed meetings. As soon as we know which families would like to participate in these sessions – we will contact those families with further information.

Please can you let me know whether you want to take up this offer (sessions will begin week commencing 29th June).  The logistics of when and how often your child will attend the mentoring sessions will be decided when we know how many students will be taking part.

We would appreciate it if all parents email me by 23rd June to confirm whether or not you would like your child to attend. It is important that you let us know either way to enable us to organise the sessions as soon as possible and this would be delayed if we have to chase parents for responses.  Alternatively, if you are in school for a tutor meeting, please let the tutor or Mrs Wilson know.

We appreciate all of your help, your patience and your support in these testing times.  Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

P Dickson
Deputy Headteacher