Below is a list of dates of our Information and Parent Evenings for the current year.  More information will be sent out closer to their dates.

These also appear in your child’s planner, they are on the calendar on the website and in the events section of the app.

Year/Type of EveningDate
Year 10 Information Evening13th September 2018
Year 11 Information Evening27th September 2018
Year 7 Information Evening11th October 2018
Year 8 Information Evening6th December 2018
Year 9 Parents' Evening13th December 2018
Year 11 Parents' Evening17th January 2019
Year 13 Parents' Evening31st January 2019
Year 12 Parents' Evening7th February 2019
Year 9 Pathways Evening28th February 2019
Year 8 Parents' Evening25th April 2019
Year 7 Parents' Evening2nd May 2019
Year 10 Parents' Evening16th May 2019
Year 6 Parents' Evening3rd July 2019