Dear Parent / Carer,

We have a number of staff and students who have severe allergic reactions when exposed to fragrances and sprays. Following a review with Health and Safety we have been advised to amend our practices, in that fragrances/ sprays of any kind are not to be used in school. Your support in ensuring the guidance is followed is appreciated.

If students need to use antiperspirant during the school day, they must use roll on deodorant instead of aerosols to reduce the effects on both staff and pupils. No sprays to be used at all in school and perfumes are strictly forbidden.

If a student is caught using a spray in school they will be given a C4 (Other) in the first instance which will result in a SLT detention.

We have also reviewed the other following practices in school:

  1. Staff are not to use room sprays/ plug ins in school and have removed those already in place.
  2. Staff are not to use own fragrances/ sprays etc in the school building
  3. Areas are to be ventilated where possible
  4. Cleaning products have been changed as part of this review.

Thank you for your support on this matter.