Before the holidays our History department held a Pumpkin Decorating Competition. The spec – to create a pumpkin that represents a historical figure or even.

We had loads of brilliant entries that made the deliberation really hard.  The History department finally settled on the winners….

First place was awarded to Libby with her amazing Cleopatra Egyptian pumpkin.  Second place was given to Lewis with his William Shakespeare pumpkin and finally Third Place to Suzie with her pumpkin decorated with various historical figures.

An extra place was then added and awarded to Amy for creating the pumpkin with the Most Historical Content.  The History department were quite astounded to see a historical timeline on a pumpkin and felt it was more than worthy of an extra prize.

Thank You to everyone who took part and congratulations again to our winners.  Pop to see Mrs. Phenix-Norman in M7 for your prizes!