Our Year 10 Health and Social students have just completed a week of Work Experience at various primary schools and nurseries around the town.

Part of the course requirements of the BTEC Health and Social Care Tech Award is that the students have the opportunity to complete at least 30 hours of vocational work experience in Year 10. This forms part of Component 2; Health and Social Care Services and Values. The students are taught the importance of Care Values which include; anti-discriminatory practice, respect and dignity, safeguarding, confidentiality, empowerment and promoting independence, preserving the dignity of individuals and the importance of effective communication.

The students are placed in local nurseries, schools and care homes and are treat for the most part as a member of staff. The experience they gain whilst out on placement is invaluable, not only does it allow them to experience the world of work. It often helps the students to decide their future careers. Quite often students come back from placement having changed what they want do to as a direct result of the week they have experienced.

We asked a few of the students how they found the experience:

Tori, who spent her week at a local nursery said: “I really enjoyed it, it was a great opportunity”

Meg and Ben both spent their weeks at local Primary Schools.  Ben spent his week working in a role similar to a teaching assistant helping students with an engineering project.

Meg, who’s ambition is to be a Primary Teacher, told us: “I absolutely loved it.  I have a real appreciation of how difficult teaching is, but I still want to be one. I cried when the week was over I enjoyed it that much.”

All of the students were praised by Mrs Walsh and Mrs Bell with the school receiving plenty of positive feedback from the various placements the students attended.  In the past, our students have been offered employment by their placements, a testament to their attitude and hard work.

Health and Social care is a popular and subject at KS4 and in the Sixth Form.