English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College are celebrating another excellent set of GCSE results.  The results have improved on all measures compared to 2017 with the students collectively achieving a total of fifty grade 9s (or A** in the old grading system) and more than 1 in 5 of the total grades awarded were grade 7-9 (or A – A** in previous years).

There were many phenomenal individual performances from the class of 2018 and here’s a highlight:

Lucy Downes’s hands were still shaking while we were snapping her photo she was that thrilled with her results. This was no surprise with 1 A*, six 9s, 1 eight and 1 seven on your results paper.  Lucy is now looking forward to joining EMS6 in September.

Thomas Shotton opened his envelope to see he had scooped 5 nines, 2 eights, 2 sevens and 1 grade 6 – he’s now moving onto Yarm Private college in September.

Nooresahar Ahmed collected 4 nines, 3 eights, 2 sevens and 1 A in her results.  She was really happy with her grades and is planning on going to Hartlepool Sixth Form College to study A Levels in September.

Lukas Vallet is looking forward to starting EMS6 in September and more than exceeded his own expectations when he realised he had bagged himself 4 nines, 3 eights and 3 sevens.  He was extremely pleased with his results.

Joshua Cain opened his envelope to find he had been awarded 4 nines, 1 eight, 3 sevens, 1 six and 1 five.  He was extremely happy and told us he had done much better than he had expected.  He is looking to join EMS6 in September.

There were so many more fabulous results and it has been a great day with lots of joy and smiling faces.  The class of 2018 have done themselves very proud.

Headteacher, Stephen Hammond, said he was proud of what the students had achieved. He said: “I am very proud of the many success stories that we can see here at the school. Our results this year are excellent and are well above the national averages.”

“As ever, we will be looking to improve further next year, but this is a chance to say well done to all those who now set off to the next stage of their lives with a firm foundation in place.”

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