Many children around the UK will have received a new bike for Christmas – but how many will have got a bike helmet to go with it?

Just before Christmas, we were contacted by Smooth Radio who were working alongside Let’s Go Tees Valley.  They were enquiring to see if we would get on board with a new campaign around students cycling to and from school.

We love getting involved with extra curricular projects, so our ICT department arranged for a group of Year 10 students to get involved with the project.

The students’ brief was “To plan and create a video around the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling.”

The group, which was comprised of Rhys Barnfather, Logan Biggins, Holli Cosgrave, Klaudia Gawronska, Stephen Gormer, Millie Hayes & Shay Sleeman got together over multiple sessions to plan, location scout, storyboard, film and edit the video with the support of the team from Let’s Go North East and our ICT teachers.

They decided to go for an emotive style video and aptly titled it “What if someone you cared about did not come home tonight?” 

The result is incredible. Smooth Radio and Let’s Go Tees Valley were so pleased with the results that they premiered the video at a huge event in London and it has already been shown in other schools.  We have set a target to get the video viewed at least 10,000 times so we need your help!

Mr Mclintock, a member of our ICT department who was heavily involved with the project said: We are extremely proud of all students involved. Each student has contributed in their own way and brought their unique skills to this project. They have all worked extremely hard and should be very pleased with themselves.”

His thoughts were echoed by Silke Oldridge, Marketing and Communications Officer from Let’s Go Tees Valley who added: “The final video is emotional, thought-provoking and will make young people (and adults) consider seriously wearing a helmet when they cycle. The students wanted people watching to think about the consequences of cycling unsafely. Without a doubt, this video is truly a testament to their vision and demonstrates the positive influence and caring young people bring to our communities. Well done to you all.”

The finished video can be seen here.  Please share and spread our message.

Thank You.