Once you have registered for the EMS App you will receive notifications updating you on many aspects of school life.  These notifications are broken down into categories to enable you to decide which notifications are relevant to you and your children.

To ensure that you do not miss any essential information we will mainly use the News category and the categories for Parents/Carers of each Year group.  These will be key for you as a parent.  It will be necessary to change your year group category as your child progresses through the school.  Don’t worry – we will remind you to do this each September.

Department Categories will be used for information specific to them and Year group categories similarly will be specific to students in those year groups.  There may however be occasions when these overlap for example – The recent Year 8 History Trip to Beamish resulted in a notification being sent out to Year 8 Parents/Carers, but also attached to the History Department.  If you look at your Read Notifications within the app and chose to filter by Year 8 or History this message would show up.  Information saved under the Departmental Category will be much less than that found in the Year Group category.  This give you a choice on how you decide to filter information.

We will add new categories from time to time.  We could add a category for a trip, for example, Ski Trip 2019.  If your child is on that trip we may ask you to follow that category for information which is specific to a particular group of parents.  We can then use this to let you know when payments or passports are due, give you a form to fill in for their height/weight etc for their skis (forms can be filled in within the app and send directly to us) or even just general news about the trip as and when you need it.

You can change the categories you follow at any time by going into Settings (the two cogs highlighted red).  Please feel free to follow as many as you want.  Don’t worry – if we send a notification to multiple categories, you will only receive one. 

There are other categories that you can follow:

  • House Teams will keep you up to date with House Activities, House Points and photos from the events
  • Stranded Island Songs which is our version of the classic Dessert Island Discs where we interview staff each fortnight.  This will let you know when the new episodes arrive.
  • Chaplaincy – This will bring you more information about Masses, Retreats and everything organised by our School Chaplain, Anne-Marie.

If you have any issues, queries or suggestions please contact Mr Hope.  You can email him directly at shope@ems.hartlepool.sch.uk