This aspect of the curriculum is a very important one and covers an extensive range of topics including PREVENT, mental health and well-being, global issues and many others which are delivered across curriculum areas and in specific PSHE lessons.

As well as striving for academic excellence, as a Catholic school we are deeply committed to the overall development of our students so that when they leave they will be responsible members of our society. On this page you will find regular updates on what is going on in this area of the curriculum.

As you may be aware new legislation regarding the delivery of relationships and sex education (RSE) lessons becomes statutory in September 2020 for all state schools in England and Wales. You can read the guidance issued from the Department for Education (DFE) here.

We have worked closely with the Catholic Education Service (CES) and the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle to ensure as a school we are ready for these changes in September. Please check this page regularly for updates on these lessons. Click here to see a model curriculum issued by the CES.

If you have any questions about RSE or other aspects of the PSHE curriculum please email Mr Morrison (