The 2019 Alpha Course Group


The confirmation preparation process is starting in the new year for anyone in Year 9 and above.

You’ll join a group of other people your age to discuss and question what faith means and who God is to you? This isn’t just for people certain of what they believe; it’s for you too!

The process starts with a retreat at the Youth Village on Friday 17th-Saturday 18th January. We hope that everybody will be able to start their journey by joining us on this exciting retreat with other young people from across the Diocese. The cost for full board and all food is £35 per person.  This is the only part of the confirmation process which has a cost. If this is a concern for anyone, please contact me via the details below as cost shouldn’t prohibit anyone’s participation in this process.

After the retreat, we will take part in Alpha together. Alpha is a series of 10 weekly video sessions.

Alpha is not just for people certain they want to be confirmed, it’s for anyone who has questions.
In your small groups, you can be as honest as you like about what you do or don’t believe or what you disagree with about religion. 
It’s an open space to explore the meaning of life with friends.


Watch the video below for a taste of Alpha.


Each week we’ll have free food cooked by Tony the chef, share in discussion groups led by last year’s confirmation group, listen to inspiring music and play games.

Our weekly meetings begin on Wednesday 22nd January at St Thomas More’s Church Hall 6.30-8.30pm. 
To sign up for the alpha course please use the form below or contact Ric Slatter for more info. The form is also available in the forms section of the app.