Dear Parent/Carer,

Over the summer the software for the app was re-written to give us lots more functionality in the long term with regards to streamlining communication with yourselves.  Testing over the summer went well, however, when we have gone live with the real data being pulled some devices are causing errors.  Typical errors include:

  • Attendance Figures wrong
  • Students being linked but have disappeared from the student section
  • Student’s being linked but attendance data is blank.
  • Network connection error message.

All of these errors are specific to certain devices and are being caused by the device and the majority of people won’t have had any errors at all.

The Solution:

Again, this differs per device.  A definite fix is to delete the app completely and re-install it from the App Store/Play Store.  However, before that drastic measure, you can try any of the following options to rectify the issue

  1. Make sure the app is up to date in the app store/play store.
  2. Try restarting your device – devices never get switched off and this will clear cached data that could cause problems.
  3. If it is still the same, please log out of the app and log back in.  Your child will still be linked so you won’t need codes to re-link in settings.
  4. If all of the above fails – Unfortunately the last resort is to try fully deleting the app, re-installing from the app store/play store and logging back in.  Again you won’t need ID/PIN to re-link your children.

We appreciate your support and apologise for the inconvenience.
With the last big update, we have carried out we are hoping the app will become more stable in the future.

If you have any other issues or need your Parent ID/PIN please do not hesitate to contact me via email ( )

Thank You again.

Steve Hope
Communications and Events Coordinator.