The link at the bottom of this message will give pupils access to the English Martyrs’ Accelerated Reader platform from home. The linked webpage allows pupils to complete their reading QUIZZES on their home computers. Please note that pupils will still be able to access and complete QUIZZES at school. Your child will be familiar with the program and has used it throughout the year at school.

From September 2018, all year 7 and 8 pupils have been enrolled onto the Accelerated Reader programme and participate in Accelerated Reader lessons once per fortnight. Pupils read their chosen ZPD reading book for five minutes at the start of all lessons across the curriculum (with the exception of Food Technology practical lessons and PE), giving pupils a minimum reading time of 25 minutes per school day.

Currently, when a pupil completes the reading of their book, they log on to a school computer and sit a short 5-minute QUIZ. This QUIZ is multiple choice and will give immediate feedback to your child. The process then repeats itself: a new book is chosen and a QUIZ taken once it’s been read.

In addition to accessing QUIZZES at school, the link below will enable pupils to access and complete QUIZZES at home. Please share this message with your child.

Students can access Accelerated Reader at home via this link. EMS Renaissance Accelerated Reader 

We will also post this link on our school website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Emma Fox
Literacy Co-ordinator