Dear Parents & Carers,

We can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you are doing at home supporting our young people in their remote learning. We just thought we would give you an update on some of the other solutions we now have in place to help make this as easy as possible for you.


Coronavirus Hub

The Coronavirus Hub is still on the school website ( up in the top left-hand corner where it has always been.  This is the central place where we are adding updates, adding work and any other resources we think may be helpful to students and parents during the closure. The main Coronavirus Updates page can be found here, there’s also a link to this in the App.


Student Homework

We currently have 6 weeks work for all year groups and subjects which covers every week since the closure to the end of this week.  We will soon be updating this further to add more work to keep their brains active for the coming weeks.  We don’t expect work handed in, we don’t expect you to teach them to the highest level and we certainly don’t want to add stress and pressure to the already difficult situation we are in. We are just trying to give as much as we can, and, if students can do as much as they can, then everything is fine.

To find the work, browse to the website, click Coronavirus, Click Student Homework, Pick the relevant year group and Weeks (we are currently on Week 6) and the overview of all work set will be there. (Graphic Left will Help)


Year 11 – Get Ready for A levels

Our Sixth Form team have put together a page of work which Year 11 students can work through to help bridge the jump from GCSE to A Level.  You can also use the work to sample some of the A Level courses that you won’t have studied before such as Psychology, Law and Economics.  The Get Ready for A Levels page can be found here


Microsoft Teams

Most of the work set by departments will be in the online platform Microsoft Teams.  We have lots of information and videos about accessing the platform and tips for using on the website here

Can’t see a Team? Can’t find the Work? Can’t log in? – Not a problem! We have a dedicated team which you can contact about issues. They monitor the email address during the school day and will get back to you and get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Drop them an email if you need help!


Read a Book

If students are struggling getting engaged with remote learning or have completed all the work we highly recommend Reading.  We have a Recommended Reading Library on the website.  If students are in Year 7 or 8, they follow the Accelerated Reader programme.  This is available at home. More instruction here. Any questions? please email Mrs Fox –


Mental Health and Well-Being

All this staying at home and being away from everyone can take its toll on our mental health.  Miss Parker has given us her Top Ten Tips for looking after your mental health during the lock down.  Her tips can be found here


Contacting Students

We now have a team of people in school who have started contacting students. Don’t worry – we are not checking up to make sure they are doing school work! We are just touching base with them to make sure they are ok, see what they have been up to and offering any help we can.  This process has started this week with Year 10 and we’ll continue in the coming weeks.


Sixth Form – Live Chat

We’ve now developed a LiveChat system on the Sixth Form website ( – The Sixth Form team are now available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1pm & 3pm for any queries, questions or advice you may need. Whether you are Year 11, or a student already at EMS6, make use of this resource if you need it.


House Activities

We are keen to keep our House Activities going and we have already had three competitions with more being added all the time. Please encourage students to take part and join in the fun. It will help them keep connected with the school and their friends. Any queries, please email


Contacting Staff

All of our staff are checking emails and students/parents can email them if they wish.  Our staff email addresses follow a simple pattern.  It is a teacher’s Initial and Surname followed by  So you get the idea, here are the Heads of Department emails.  They will be able to pass the message on if you can’t email direct teachers.

Mr McAllister – Head of Music & Performing Arts –
Mrs Martindale – Head of Geography –
Mrs Rackstraw – Head of Psychology –
Miss Malcolmson  – Head of Computing and ICT –
Mrs Morton Head of Law –
Mrs Chapman Head of PE –
Mr Duffy – Head of Hard Technology –
Mrs Barnes – Head of English –
Mrs Hughes  – Head of Business Studies / Economics –
Mrs Evans – Head of French –
Mrs Henderson – Head of German –
Mr Meynell – Head of Art –
Mr Murray – Head of Maths –
Mrs Rich – Head of History –
Mrs Walsh – Head of Health & Social Care / Child Development –
Mr Dunn – Head of RE –
Mrs Hutchinson – Head of Soft Technology –
Sarah York – Head of Spanish –
Ted Baker – Head of Science –


Other Useful Contacts