Just before the Christmas holidays, Mrs. McDonagh’s science class 7X1 were asked to produce a 3D model of a cell as part of the Cells topic they had been studying in class.  The brief was it could be a plant or animal cell and could be constructed however they wanted. To accompany their model, they were asked to produce an information booklet of the main organelles and their function. 

Given several weeks to complete this task, 7X1 produces some fantastic, accurate and imaginative models.  They were all fantastic, however, Mrs. Quinn, Head of Biology was drafted in to pick her favourites.

Her favourites were Emily Hutchinson’s stitched cushion, Joe Garstang’s large mounted ball made of Polystyrene with plasticine features and Jessica William’s smaller intricate design.

Mrs. McDonagh said: “All the students created excellent pieces of work and I thank them all for working so hard.  There was a huge variety of efforts – we even had a red blood cell cake!”

“Great work 7X1.” 

The pictures of our top 3 are in the banner above with their creations.