On Tuesday 19th September the Y13 Biologists set out to Newcastle University to take part in a hands on workshop entitled ‘Genetic diagnosis applied to criminal investigation: forensic DNA profiling’ The workshop enabled the students to put into practice some of the theory from their A level Biology course, improve their laboratory skills in preparation for University next year and also see how such techniques could be used in real life. Our aim was to help the police solve a murder, blood was left at the scene of the crime and there was two suspects.

The students were required to digest DNA from the sample using restriction enzymes and carry out gel electrophoresis to produce a ‘DNA profile’ and ‘fingerprint’ for the individuals. I can report that all students successfully identified the culprit! Reflecting on the day, everyone had a great time and it was certainly an experience they will all remember.

There’s more photos of the visit in the Gallery.