A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work.

All young people need a planned programme of activities throughout their school years to equip them to make choices that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives.

At English Martyrs we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work.  It is important that students are enabled to make informed decisions about pre 16 routes and the relevant pathways to support their longer term plans. We have a planned programme in Keystage 3, Keystage 4 and Keystage 5 and work to the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Careers Statutory Guidance January 2018.  We are

We provide a varied and extensive careers education and support program to our students and give impartial information, advice and guidance.  We have professionally qualified careers staff based in school to support both our secondary and sixth form students.

Included within our website are the best web links for careers articles, advice from careers specialists and recognised careers websites.  You will find resources to cover all of the popular careers queries and different careers pathways.  If however you do not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact the careers office:



Main School

Throughout Years 7 to 11 students have a variety of events, citizenship programmes, visits, assemblies, speakers and careers meetings to raise their awareness in careers, lifestyle and choose appropriate career pathways.  In keystage 4, where relevant to course criteria students carryout work related learning.

Sixth Form

During Y12 and 13 students have speakers, events, visits and careers meetings to support them in their learning journey and career planning.  Students also have the opportunity to carryout work experience if they feel it would be beneficial to their development and their achievement portfolio. Additionally, every student can receive guidance from their tutor, subject teacher and their Head of House and Head of Year (sixth form students). 
All students have access to independent careers advice and guidance by way of the (Integrated Youth Support Service) IYSS drop-in centre in Middleton Grange Shopping centre and their telephone help line.

Our programme of Careers Events for 2018-19 can be found here


Enterprise activities help you understand what running a successful business involves and what skills, qualities and attitudes employers and employees need. You will need to be highly motivated, independent and have a strong belief that you have the ability to make a success of your business.

Everyone deserves the right to take part and contribute to the world’s future. You might be passionate about doing something yourself, have ideas to make money like setting up a course to look after a pony, setting up a tuck shop or raising money for charity. If you have a dream there are no limits and there are organisations that can help and encourage you to reach your full potential.

Useful Links

Check out these links for more information and guidance


Our careers library has a reference collection of careers information books which are well worth a look:

  • What next after school?
  • What can I do with no degree?
  • UCAS Big Guide
  • HEAP (Degree Course Offers)
  • How to complete your UCAS application
  • Times University Guide
  • Apprenticeship Guide
  • Great first job guide
  • Winning Interviews for First-Time Job Hunters
  • Gap-year guide book


General Publications

Our careers staff are also available for parents during parents evenings, results days and our careers support session which is on the last Tuesday of each half term until 6:00pm in the library.

Mrs Jo Liddell-Fisher
Secondary School Careers
01429 273790 ext300

Mrs Bev Scaife
Sixth Form Careers
01429 273790 ext304

How can I identify jobs and careers which might suit me?
For personalised job/career suggestions we recommend you use Kudos, or Launchpad. These programs will ask you questions about yourself and your skills and interests and then give you some suggestions of jobs/careers which might suit you. To get the best out of the program you will need to think carefully about each question and answer honestly. If you have used Kudos some time ago, we recommend you re-take the questionnaires as your answers might be different (and therefore your job/career suggestions).

How can I find out what a job is like?
Try NEXTSTEP, CareersBox, or careerscape. All of these resources are easy to use and will help you to find out lots of information about a huge range of different jobs and careers. These resources include information on what the job involves, who you would be working with, what the work environment is like, typical working hours, pay and conditions. They also tell you what qualifications, skills and interests you will need, and what you could go on to do in the future.

How can I find good quality and reliable careers information on the Internet?
A good place to start is the Website resources links. For further research try Careers Companion Online which helps you find the very best careers, and learning information on the Internet. It contains links to over 3,000 high quality websites, all of which have been reviewed by careers professionals and young people.

Do any of the electronic careers resources contain any non-careers information?
Yes, as well as careers information, ECLIPS contains lots of information on free time, health, housing, the law, your rights and citizenship, money, relationships, travel.