On Thursday 3rd May 2018 the House Public Speaking Competition was held in the library.

This year we had two competitions.  A year 7-9 category and a year 10-11 category.

The year 7-9 competition was won by Jasmine Kahn of St. Margaret Clitherow house with her speech “The importance of Art”. Rowan Lawson came second with Fraser Henderson coming in third.

In the older category, this years winner was Jessica Dixon of St. John Boste with her topic “Why is a dog mans best friend?”.  Last years’ winner Ellie Garside came second with Sophie Howe finishing the top three.

All twenty competitors were fantastic. Public speaking is a daunting task and all of the students held their nerve and composure to deliver thought-provoking speeches on a number of topics.

Below is a playlist of all of their performances.  There’s a selection of photos in the Gallery.