On Thursday 13th July 2017 the House Public Speaking Competition was held in the library. The competition was won by Ellie Garside of Blessed John Ingram house with her speech “Why Buying On The Internet Is Bad”. Talia Doyle came an extremly close second being pipped to the post by Ellie by just one point. Sophie Howe finished third.

All eleven competitors were fantastic. Public speaking is a daunting task and all of the students held their nerve and composeur to deliver thought provoking speeches on a number of topics.

Below is a list of the student’s topics and a playlist of all of their performances.  There’s a selection of photos in the Gallery.

Courtney Jacobs – Bullying, Ameera Hussain – Uniform, Charley Robson – Choices, Katherine Mulvey – Mental Health Awareness, Sophie Howe – Why Humour Is Important, David Swift – Equality, Ellie Garside – Why Buying Off The Internet Is Bad, Talia Doyle – Promises, Callum Gaffney – The Future, Lauren Heckles – Female Genital Mutilation, Elle Sullivan – Who Do I Admire?