Below are a list of confirmed Revision and Catch-Up sessions being put on over the Easter Holidays.  Keep checking back, we’ll keep adding them as they are confirmed.

Tuesday 3rd April10am - 2pmGCSE Art Exam Work DayAll RoomsLM, DC, VB, AP
Tuesday 3rd April9:30am -1pmYear 13 PsychologyS9B.Rackstraw
Tuesday 3rd April10am-12pmA Level Spanish RevisionB38J.Race
Wednesday 4th April10am - 1pmGCSE Physical Geography RevisionB44A.Martindale
Wednesday 4th April1pm-3pmY11 Finance Course RevisionS11L.Ward
Thursday 5th April10am-12pmYear 13 English Literature - OthelloS4A. Savage
Thursday 5th April12:30pm - 2pmYear 13 English Literature - KeatsLB6G. Barnes
Thursday 5th April10am-12pmGCSE Geography - The Changing UK EconomyB43K.Mincher
Friday 6th April9am - 3pmYear 11 Fashion and TexilesT4N.Hutchinson
Friday 6th April10am-1pmYear 13 Geography (Physical Units)B44A.Martindale
Monday 9th April9:30am-2pmGCSE iMedia Coursework CatchupC1D.Draper
Monday 9th April10am - 3pmA Level Law RevisionS12B. Morton
Monday 9th April10am-2pmA Level Computer Science / Digital MediaC3B.Malcolmson
Monday 9th April9am - 3pmGCSE Art TexilesAR8V.Bown
Tuesday 10th April9am - 1:30pmYear 13 MathsM1&4M. Chapman
Tuesday 10th April9:30am-2pmGCSE Computer Science RevisionC1D.Draper
Tuesday 10th April10am - 12pmGCSE German RevisionB39L.Henderson / J.Race
Tuesday 10th April12pm - 2pmA Level German RevisionB39L.Henderson / J.Race
Wednesday 11th April10am - 2pmA Level History RevisionMobile 8K.Knox
Wednesday 11th April10:30am-3pmA Level Performing ArtsDramaC.Stirk
Wednesday 11th April9:30am-2pmGCSE Computer Science RevisionC1D.Draper
Wednesday 11th April1pm-3pmY11 Finance Course RevisionS11L.Ward
Thursday 12th April9:30am-1pmYear 13 Further Maths RevisionMobile 4R.Lamb
Friday 13th April10am - 1pmGCSE Business RevisionS10H.Hughes
Friday 13th April10am-1pmGCSE History RevisionMobile 5L. Hannah
Friday 13th April10am-1pmYear 13 History Catch-UpMobile 6L.Rich