Directors/Governors Statement on behavioural standards – December 2017

The Directors of The Holy Family Education Trust and Governors of The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College wish to maintain the highest standards of behaviour in the school. In achieving this end we seek the support of parents and carers for the Head Teacher and staff. Our parent/student guide to our expectations and our rationale for them is available for you to view here.

The Governors wish all parents and carers to know that they expect the Head Teacher and staff to maintain a professional and caring atmosphere in the school where the pupils can feel happy and secure and work to the best of their ability. We believe that this atmosphere presently, largely exists in the school. The school is blessed with caring parents and carers and well-behaved, well- mannered pupils. The school policy is to encourage this positively by encouragement, praise and example.

To enable effective teaching and learning to take place, excellent behaviour in all aspects of school life is essential. The school seeks to create a caring and learning environment by:

  • Promoting excellent behaviour and discipline
  • Promoting self- esteem, self- discipline and a respect for authority
  • Ensuring that all relationships are based on mutual respect
  • Encouraging consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour
  • Providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence and bullying which protects the well-being of the whole school community
  • Encouraging a positive relationship with parents and carers to ensure that they play their part in the implementation of the school’s policy and procedures
  • Supporting the Head Teacher and Staff when faced with challenging behaviour.

We wish to emphasise to all parents and pupils that failure to conform to the high standards expected by all, will result in a sanction in all cases.

There have been some occasions this term where students have attempted to avoid detentions as they say that they or their parents disagree with the sanction. We would like to remind you that the law states that schools are entitled to set detentions without the consent of parents or carers. Whilst we endeavour to give parents advanced notice of all detentions, the requirement to do so was removed from schools in January 2012. Detention is one sanction among many that we use at English Martyrs and it is used proportionately and appropriately.

Since September 2016 we have introduced the on-site facility of The Bridge to try to minimise the number of Fixed Term Exclusion of students. In the case of serious incidents or repeated misbehaviour, the Headteacher may proceed to exclusion and will have the full support of Governors if this is his decision.

Pupils are expected to follow all instructions from staff without question. If a pupil fails to conform to the high standards expected, this may result in a permanent exclusion.

 It is our wish that parents and carers understand the importance we place on excellent behaviour, the link between behaviour and academic success and that they support us in our determination to maintain the highest standards here at English Martyrs.

Gillian Proudlock (Chair of Directors, The Holy Family Education Trust)
Sue Harrison (Chair of Local Governing Body, The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College)